Hi! We are Bad Credit Car Finance (BCCF).

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The Mission

To break through the barriers that prevent people with poor credit histories
from getting car finance at fair and reasonable rates.

Why We Started This Journey

How We Solved The problem

We remember the days when sorting out car finance used to be far from simple. It was a very long and drawn out process that involved lots of form-filling, and other documents and there weren’t many finance options around for customers to choose from.

Getting car finance used to be such a long process.

That’s where Bad Credit Car finance (BCCF) comes in. Our founders have been through the long winded process and noticed the issues with this way of getting finance. They believed that could find a better way to offer people the finance they need for their vehicle.

They created a short and simple, online application process to make it easier for customers to find an option that suited their needs and current financial circumstances. By removing lots of the manual tasks, sorting car finance has become so much simpler!

Ready? Lets Get You Some Finance.

Applying only takes a couple of minutes and the searches our providers make won’t affect your credit score